2023 Swimmer of the Year – Bonnie Adams

Bonnie is consistently a top performer, supporter and contributor to Arkansas Masters Swimming. This past year, she had outstanding accomplishments which are listed below. She is truly worthy to be awarded as the Arkansas Swimmer of Year. Bonnie connects with people one and one, is an effective motivator, and brings high energy to anything in... Continue Reading →

Kathy Adams

Hometown and Current residence:  I moved around a lot as a kid.  Germany, Texas, Chicago area and suburbs.  I was in DeKalb, IL for HS. We moved to AR in 2005, and I’m currently in Springdale. Family:  I have 4 children, 3 grandkids, 1 dog and 1 husband.  We’ve been married for 39 years 🙂 Occupation:  I... Continue Reading →

Mike Hendricks

Hometown and Current residence: I grew up in Jacksonville, FL and now I live in Searcy. Family and Occupation:  I have a wife, Marsha, and two kids who are in college.  I'm employed as an accountant with First Security Bank in Searcy. Swimming background: I swam age group and high school in Jacksonville.  Then I came... Continue Reading →

Kim Griffith

Hometown:  Jacksonville, FL Current residence: Bentonville, AR Family: I am married to Barry and have a daughter and son-in-law in Ft. Smith.  We just welcomed our first grandchild, Owen, in July! Occupation: Vice President, Global Walmart for Campbell’s Meals and Beverages Swimming background: I grew up swimming in the Atlantic Ocean and swimming pools. I started Club... Continue Reading →

Crystal Perry

Hometown: Waddell, AZ  5th generation Arizonan, and my kids are 6th - very hard find these days! Current residence: Bella Vista, AR Family: Hubby Robby brought us to NWA originally to work with Walmart. We brought our 4 pretty awesome kids: Hannah (16) RJ (16) Charity (10) Amelia (8) Occupation: A Nursing Professor.  I am a... Continue Reading →

Mark Jechura

Hometown : Cincinnati, OH Current residence: Bentonville, AR Family: Son who is Methodist Pastor in Baltimore, MD Occupation: Walmart Candy Buyer Swimming background:  My sister taught me to swim in the community pool at age 5 by getting me to hold my breath, swim down and touch the bottom of the pool. From then, I joined the local age... Continue Reading →

Paul Priestner

Hometown and Current residence: Abilene, Tx. and Springdale, AR Family and Occupation: Married with 3 boys (22, 20, 15).  Commissioning Authority (Professional Engineering Services) Swimming background: High School - Abilene Cooper High; College - Texas Tech (swimming program dropped after my freshman year), and TCU.  Marine Combat Instructor of Water Survival, USMC (1990-1995); Age Group,... Continue Reading →

Karyn Walker

Hometown and Current residence: I grew up in Fayetteville until I was in junior high, then moved to and graduated from Rogers.  I currently live in Pea Ridge. Family and Occupation: I have three kids, Brooklynn-20, Aidan-16, and Evie-7.  I manage the children's services program at the Sunshine School & Development Center in Rogers. Swimming background: I started... Continue Reading →

Freddie Snoxhill

Hometown and Current residence:  I am from Rogers, but am now living in Gravette. Family and Occupation: I am married and have 7 children, and I work in the medical field. Swimming background:  I started swimming in March of 2021. Favorite event/race:  Trifest for MS. Swimming/Triathlon hero:  Lionel Sanders:  4 time Ironman Champion and 30... Continue Reading →

Jacob Barnes

Hometown and Current residence:  I grew up in Joplin Missouri. The last 10 years we have lived in Cassville, Missouri. Family and Occupation: My wife and I have a son. Our immediate family is split between southwest Missouri and northwest Arkansas. I am employed as an operations manager at Jack Henry & Associates in Monett... Continue Reading →

Deanna Marks

Hometown and Current residence: Originally from Plano, Texas and currently living in Bentonville, Arkansas Family and Occupation: I have a fiance, Brendon and three furry family members.  I work for ExxonMobil as a Shopper Marketing Manager Favorite event/race:  200 Fly Swimming background: I swam competitively on the City of Plano Swimmers since the age of 6.  Went... Continue Reading →

2021 Swimmer of the Year – Megan Cameron

Megan currently serves on the Arkansas Masters board as our Coaches Chair and has done so with a servant’s heart for over 3 years. Megan started her Masters Coaching career in 2017 as a swim instructor and coach for both children and adults. She now coaches triathletes as well as offering private lessons. Megan is the... Continue Reading →

Aras Karakivrak

Hometown and Current residence: Izmir/Turkey, I currently live in Hot Springs, AR Family and Occupation: I live with my 6 years old daughter and I am a director at Hot Springs Health and Fitness Club. Swimming background: Growing up I was passionate about soccer but at age of 12, I suffered with a rare syndrome... Continue Reading →

Noel Strauss

Hometown and Current residence:  Little Rock Family and Occupation: I’ve worked at Stephens for 26 years.  Married to Joan, with two children, Ethan (18) and Alexa (16). Swimming background: I grew up swimming at the Little Rock Racquet Club for Paul Blair.  I began competing in 1978. Favorite event/race:  100 meter Freestyle Swimming hero: Matt... Continue Reading →

Anne Stevens

Hometown and Current residence:  I currently live in Fayetteville, but I grew up in Columbia, Mo. Family and Occupation: I live with my husband, and our 4 children are now in college. He and I are neuropsychologists and health coaches, and we have a private practice in Fayetteville. Swimming background: I started swimming in my... Continue Reading →

Byron Shefchik

Hometown and Current residence:  I went to high school in Houghton, Michigan, which is in the Upper Peninsula (north of Wisconsin). Interesting fact: 80% of Canadians live south of where I went to high school! I currently reside with my wife and children in Bentonville. Family and Occupation: My parents and most of my siblings... Continue Reading →

Klista Bacon

Hometown and Current residence: Carthage, MO Family and Occupation: I've been married to Lance Bacon for 23 years.  We have 2 dogs, Bella (English Bulldog) and Diesel (French Bulldog), both rescues. I work at Lambeth Auto in Carthage (my parents started the business in 1974).  I do all the bookkeeping, and I am one of the... Continue Reading →

Marvin Schwartz

Hometown and Current residence: I was born and raised in New York City, where I swam in high school. College swimming was at Syracuse University. Family and Occupation: I am married to Texarkana native Sandy Crawford.  I have two grown children and three granddaughters, the youngest of whom I am teaching to swim at the... Continue Reading →

Cody Wilkins

Hometown and Current residence:  Born and currently live in Joplin, MO area.  But I have temporarily lived in several places in the US for summer jobs/ internships Family and Occupation: I have a girlfriend.  I am an only child,  and both of my parents are in their 50’s.  I am a construction engineer/project manager for Missouri Dept.... Continue Reading →

Héctor Jiménez

Hometown and Current residence:  I'm originally from Mexico City but I lived in other states in Mexico (took a job out of town 2 years after finishing college).  Then I moved to Boston, MA (suburbs) where I stayed until 2013, and finally moved to Bentonville in January of 2016. Family and Occupation: I’m single but... Continue Reading →

Glenda and Don Chamberlain

Hometown and Current residence:  Don is from Jonesboro, AR and Glenda is from Kennett, Mo.  We currently live in Jonesboro. Family and Occupation:  We have been married for 34 years. We have 2 sons that are University of Arkansas graduates and currently live in Fayetteville.  Don is an Electrical Contractor.  Glenda has a  BS Degree in Graphic Design... Continue Reading →

Veronica Dockery

Hometown and Current residence:  Grew up in Topeka, KS.  Currently living in Fayetteville, AR. Family and Occupation:  Married to my wonderful husband, Will.  I have 2 boys (ages 10 and 8 - starting their second year of summer league swimming) and 1 girl (age 3).  I work at Karas Health Care as a Physician Assistant. Swimming background:  I... Continue Reading →

Boo Jennings

Hometown and Current residence: Little Rock. AR Family and Occupation: Wife, Nancy.  Sons:  Clark (40) and Will (35)  I retired April 12th from Simmons Bank after 43 years in banking/financial services. Swimming background: I started swimming competitively at age 14 at the Downtown Little Rock YMCA under coach John Hays.  I  swam on the Freshman team at... Continue Reading →

Ron Sparlin

Hometown and Current residence: I was born and raised in Joplin, Missouri and have lived here all my life other than my years in law school. Family and Occupation: I am married to Bridget and we have two grown children and two grandchildren.  I am an attorney and have practiced law with the same firm for... Continue Reading →

Martha Tate

Hometown and Current residence:  Carl Junction, Mo. is my home town and my current residence although we have lived several places, as my husband is retired from the Air Force after 21 years.Family and Occupation: My Husband is Derril, and we have been married 34 years. We have 5 children and 3 grandchildren. I am a... Continue Reading →

Jeff Box

  Hometown and Current residence: Apple Valley, CA.  Searcy, AR Occupation: retired, from high school teaching (health and personal fitness) Swimming background: trained in Red Cross and worked as a lifeguard from 1966-1971. Competed in triathlons in the 1980’s and  finished third at national championship.  Favorite event/race: still learning to be a competitive swimmer.  50 and 100... Continue Reading →

Lindsay Meadows

Hometown and Current residence: I grew up in Iowa and currently reside in Seneca, Mo. Family and Occupation: I have been married for over 20 years to my amazing and supportive husband,  and I have 3 awesome kids (17, 15, 10).  I homeschool our kids as well as work part time at our business. Swimming background:... Continue Reading →

Mavie Hogue

Hometown and Current residence: Fayetteville. Family and Occupation: Owner, Strategic Nutrition & Fitness, LLC. Healthy lifestyle, nutrition and fitness coaching for the best you! Swimming background: I have been swimming casually since I was a kid. I took up open water swimming to prepare for my first triathlon 24 years ago! I haven't looked back... Continue Reading →

Anita Parisi

Hometown and Current residence: Grew up in Little Rock.  Now lives in Fayetteville. Family and Occupation: I have 4 boys. The older three all swam competitively and the youngest is still swimming for Fayetteville High School. My husband, Adam (a huge soccer player), competed in his first swim meet last month. I retired from a... Continue Reading →

Rick Gerhardt

Hometown and Current residence: Born in Des Moines, IA.  Now live in Rogers. Family and Occupation:  1 wife (still cute), 4 kids, 10 grandkids, 5 grand dogs. Swimming background:  Learned to swim underwater at Jewish Community Center at 5 y.o., self-taught to swim on top after a few more years, 1 mile Boy Scout swim, joined... Continue Reading →

Starr Campbell

Hometown and Current residence: Current home is El Dorado, AR.  Moved here in 2007 when we retired from California. Family and Occupation:  Married 40 years to Bill Campbell. Swimming background:   Started swimming as a toddler.  My mother would drop me at the community pool while she played golf. Favorite event/race:   50 & 100 Freestyle and... Continue Reading →

Carie O’Banion

Hometown and Current residence: I was born in San Francisco, CA, and currently live in Rogers, Ar.  In between, I lived in Washington DC., Knoxville, TN, Birmingham, AL, St. Louis, MO, Indianapolis, IN, Houston, TX, and Omaha, NE. Family and Occupation:  Have been married to my husband, Dan, for almost 35 years. We have two... Continue Reading →

Daryl Sroufe

Hometown and Current residence: I grew up in a small peach orchard town in Northern California and am now enjoying the natural beauty of Fairfield Bay. Family and Occupation:  I am single and retired last year. I had worked in the radio broadcasting biz for 30 years but spent the last six on Maui driving for a... Continue Reading →

Dotty Burke

Hometown and Current residence: Columbus, Ohio - Hot Springs Village, AR. Family and Occupation: I am married to Max Billen and have two children, Pat Burke (FL), Kelly Dippold (KS).   I owned and operated Medical Sales and Distribution Co. and am now retired. Swimming background: In 1976, I lived in St. Louis MO.  I drove my 12... Continue Reading →

Rinaldo Sintjago

Current residence: Little Rock, AR. Family and Occupation: I've been married 3 years and we are expecting our first-born.  I have been working for Snap-on tools as a Sales Developer for the past 2 years in Little Rock and west of Arkansas. Swimming background:  I learned to swim when I was 2 years old because my... Continue Reading →

Bonnie Adams

Hometown and Current residence: Bentonville, AR. Family and Occupation: I am a wife and a mother of 3 beautiful teenagers,. We also have 2 dogs, 2 cats, a bird, a fish, and 3 turtles. I am the founder and lead instructor for The Joys Of Swimming, specializing in private instruction of all ages, all levels, and... Continue Reading →

Randy Mertes

Hometown: Tipton, MO. Current residence: Cave Springs, AR. Family and Occupation: As the late JB Hunt always told me when he would meet my wife, "Son, you married above ya!"   I have a beautiful wife Penny, one son, Evan, and twin daughters, Erin and Ellen. I work in the Bentonville area Walmart vendor community for 3M, keeping... Continue Reading →

Doug Rawn

Hometown and Current residence: Grew up in Houston, Tx, then moved to Conway in 1962. Now living in Little Rock. Family and Occupation: Retired, enjoying life with my wife Lynda. Swimming background: Learned to swim about age 4, started competitive swimming in 1958. Continued thru sophomore yr in college, quit since it was no longer... Continue Reading →

Tina Nuckles

Current residence: Jonesboro. Family and Occupation: Retired accountant married to a retired US Army Desert Storm/Desert Shield Combat Veteran. Swimming background: I "play" swam in my backyard pool as a child but didn’t get serious about swimming until about 12 years ago. I started water aerobics for exercise for severe arthritis. Before long I felt... Continue Reading →

Lynn Palmer

Current residence: Eureka Springs Family and Occupation: Retired, 21 years! Swimming background: Moved to Northwest Arkansas in 2001 and met Carolyn Haefner at the Bentonville pool. Favorite event/race: I have not competed in 2 years. I swam 50s and 100s - enjoyed backstroke and freestyle mostly. Swimming hero: Carolyn Haefner, she and I swim together... Continue Reading →

Bauer Duke

Current residence: Pine Bluff Family and Occupation: One crazy awesome wife, Lisa; 3 can-do kids; Extension Aquaculture Specialist. Swimming background: Learned at 5, had a pool accident, scared to swim, friend took me to practice at 6, been swimming ever since. Favorite event/race: 150m free Swimming hero: TNTC (too numerous to count) Swimming goals: I'd... Continue Reading →

Past Swimmers of the Year

We wanted to acknowledge all the past swimmers of the year - congratulations to all! As you can see below we are missing some names so if you can help us complete this list we would appreciate it. 2018 - Trip Strauss 2017 - Dotty Burke 2016 - Larry Golden 2015 - Trip Strauss 2014... Continue Reading →

Shawn Klosterman

Current residence: Joplin, Mo. Family and Occupation: I am Aquatics Director for the Webb City R7 School District, meaning I teach K-12 swim classes and coach varsity & club swimming all day and night. My wife Meghan was a swimmer as well, and is currently a School Psychologist for the same district. My daughters, Camryn... Continue Reading →

Theresa Parrish

Hometown:  Rockford, IL Current Residence:  Fayetteville Family and Occupation:  My husband is the UU minister in Fayetteville. I work for the Fay Jones School of Architecture + Design as an administrative supervisor. I have had two former careers: 20 years in advertising and 12 years as a psychotherapist. Swimming Background:  I grew up swimming in the... Continue Reading →

Megan Cameron

Hometown: Montville, NJ Current residence: Webb City, MO Family and occupation: My husband Mark, 10 year old daughter Mae and 8 year old daughter Molly. I am the coach for our COMP group, the head coach of our Tri-State summer league team, and also our adult Masters coach. Swimming background?: I started swimming at 4 and my first race... Continue Reading →

David DeGeus

Hometown:  Belleville, Arkansas Family and occupation:  I am married, have two daughters 2 and 4, and am the Head Swim Coach for the University of the Ozarks. Swimming background?: I started competing at the age of 3 and have swam all through college. I swam for the University of Nevada in Las Vegas for 2 years... Continue Reading →

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