About Us

Arkansas Masters Swimming is a registered Local Masters Swim Committee (LMSC) of USMS (United States Masters Swimming) that encompasses the entire state of Arkansas and a small surrounding area. We are part of the South Central Zone of USMS which is comprised of Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas. If you’re interested here’s a map of all USMS zones.


Our mission is “to promote and develop swimming for the benefit of swimmers of all abilities aged 18 and over in accordance with the standards and the rules prescribed by USMS and this LMSC.”

What is an LMSC?

Local Masters Swim Committees exist to provide benefits and support to clubs within the boundaries of the LMSC. Specifically LMSCs provide:

  • Printed registration cards
  • Event sanctions
  • Grants for: coaches, events, competitors & adult learn to swim teachers
  • Newsletters about activities within the LMSC
  • Awards and recognition
  • Records

Your LMSC officers are local volunteers who attend the USMS annual meeting, sit on USMS national committees, and vote on policies that set the overall direction for USMS.

In addition to this site, each LMSC has their own section of content on the USMS website including;

Clubs within the Arkansas LMSC

The heart and soul of a LMSC are the local clubs where swimmers work out together, socialize and support each other in reaching their goals. The Arkansas LMSC has the following clubs:

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