February 2023 Newsletter

Upcoming Events

March 4, 2023North Texas Spring Fling Meet, Garland, TX

March 11, 2023Spring Meet at the BCC, Bentonville, AR.

Mar. 31-Apr. 2, 2023South Central Zone Meet, Lewisville, TX.

For a full listing of events around the country, visit the USMS Events Calendar

For events happening within our zone, visit the South Central Zone Event Calendar Page.

Interested in hosting a meet? Here’s a Meet Checklist to help!

Swimmer Spotlight – Mike Hendricks

We are happy to highlight Mike Hendricks of Searcy in our newest “Swimmer Spotlight.” Meet Mike Hendricks, formerly of Jacksonville, Florida, and now living and swimming in Searcy!

Annual Meeting for Arkansas Masters LMSC

The Arkansas Masters LMSC Annual Meeting is coming up on Sunday, Feb. 5th, 2023 via zoom at 7:00pm.  All currently registered members (ie 2023 members) are eligible to attend and vote at this meeting.  At this meeting we will be electing/renewing officers and committee chairs for the new year, approving our budget, and discussing goals and plans for the year.  We would love to have you attend.  

To attend, just click on the link below on Feb. 5th at 7:00pm.  If you have any agenda items that you would like discussed at the meeting, please reply to Byron Shefchik at  byronshefchik@yahoo.com


New Records Set at the Little Rock Meets

Thanks so much to Calvin Schildknecht and the Little Rock folks for hosting 2 meets (Long Course Meters, and Short Course Meters) over a single weekend. When competing in a “meters meet,” your age is determined not by the age you are at the meet, but rather by the age you will be on Dec. 31 of that year. So, having this meet early in the calendar year is a big advantage for people – especially if you have a birthday late in the calendar year. There were many fast swimmers who attended this meet with the intention of breaking USMS and World records – and several succeeded!

Scott Halliburton reports that there were LOTS of state and citizen records set in Little Rock by our Arkansas Masters swimmers. Check them out below. And find all of our records on the ARK Masters webpage. If you find any corrections (this is a tedious manual process, so thank you Scott!), please contact Scott at: scott.halliburton@gmail.com

New Records
EventAge GroupNameState or Citizen
400 Free75-79Stephen StittState 
400 Free55-59Lori TerlouwCitizen
400 Free65-69Linda BlandState & Citizen
50 Free70-74Doug MartinState & Citizen
50 Free75-79Howard RutenbergState
200 IM55-59Mark JechuraState
200 IM55-59Lori TerlouwState & Citizen
100 Back75-79Howard RutenbergCitizen
100 Back80-84Dorothy BurkeState & Citizen
100 Free75-79Stephen StittState
50 Breast80-84Dorothy BurkeState
800 Free35-39Calvin SchildknechtState & Citizen
800 Free65-69Linda BlandState & Citizen
200 Back55-59Lori TerlouwState & Citizen
200 Breast80-84Dorothy BurkeState
200 Free75-79Stephen StittState
200 Free65-69Linda BlandState & Citizen
200 Free80-84Dorothy BurkeState & Citizen
50 Back75-79Howard RutenbergCitizen
50 Back60-64Kathy AdamsState & Citizen
50 Back80-84Dorothy BurkeState & Citizen
400 IM55-59Mark JechuraState
50 Fly70-74Doug MartinState & Citizen
200 IM55-59Mark JechuraState & Citizen
400 Free65-69Linda BlandState & Citizen
400 Free40-44Colin YatesState
50 Back45-49Byron ShefchikState & Citizen
50 Back40-44Julian BickellState & Citizen
100 Breast60-64Kathy AdamsState & Citizen
100 Breast40-44Srdan MarkovicState & Citizen
100 Breast18-24Kameron WrightState & Citizen
50 Free40-44Veronica DockeryState & Citizen
50 Free60-64Kathy AdamsState & Citizen
50 Free55-59Mark JechuraState
50 Free70-74Doug MartinState & Citizen
50 Free45-49Byron ShefchikCitizen
200 Fly45-49Byron ShefchikState
100 IM35-39Calvin SchildknechtState & Citizen
100 IM40-44Srdan MarkovicState & Citizen
100 IM55-59Mark JechuraState & Citizen
200 Free65-69Linda BlandState & Citizen
200 Free80-84Dorothy BurkeState & Citizen
200 Free45-49Byron ShefchikState
200 Free18-24Kameron WrightState & Citizen
100 Back40-44Srdan MarkovicState & Citizen
200 Breast60-64Kathy AdamsCitizen
50 Fly40-44Veronica DockeryState
50 Fly45-49Byron ShefchikCitizen
50 Fly55-59Mark JechuraState
50 Fly70-74Doug MartinState & Citizen
800 Free65-69Linda BlandState & Citizen
800 Free55-59Mark JechuraCitizen
800 Free75-79Robert WilliamsState
400 IM55-59Mark JechuraState & Citizen
100 Fly40-44Veronica DockeryState
200 Back60-64Kathy AdamsCitizen
100 Free55-59Mark JechuraState & Citizen
50 Breast60-64Kathy AdamsState & Citizen
100 Back45-49Byron ShefchikState & Citizen
200 Free35-39Calvin SchildknechtState & Citizen
50 Breast19-24Kameron WrightState & Citizen
50 Breast40-44Srdan MarkovicState & Citizen
1500 Free65-69Linda BlandState & Citizen
1500 Free55-59Mark JechuraState & Citizen

Remembering Ron Bank

We recently became aware of the passing of Ron Bank. Ron was an active member of Arkansas Masters for many years. A few years ago, Ron mailed us some scrapbooks that documented the early years of Arkansas Swimming, allowing us to archive some historical photos and newspaper articles on our webpage. We remember and appreciate Ron’s support and involvement in Arkansas Masters Swimming! You can read about Ron’s life here.

Upcoming Educational Opportunities for USMS Coaches

The following certificaiton courses are happening soon and then happen to be fairly close to us this time. If you are interested in attending any of these, be sure to check out the grant opportunites that we are offering (get something back for the dues you are paying!?!). The process for applying for a grant is very simple!.

USMS Level 1 Coach Certification – Online Course – available Year-Round – Registration Link

USMS Level 2 Coach Certification – Dallas, TX – Feb. 18, 11:30AM – 3PM  – Registration Link

USMS Clinic Course for Coaches – Dallas, TX  – Feb. 18, 3:30PM – 5:30PM & Feb. 19, 8AM– 12:30 PM  – Registration Link

USMS Adult Learn-to-swim Instructor Course – Dallas, TX  – Feb. 18, 3:30PM – 5:30PM & Feb. 19, 8AM– 12:30 PM  – Registration Link

USMS Gold Clubs receive 20% discount on their coach registrations for education courses, so if you are a gold club, please reach out to Steve Hall, shall@usmastersswimming.org for your coupon code for the courses.

Come Swim in Bentonville on March 11th!

The Bentonville Community Center is hosting a meet on Saturday, March 11th and we would love to have swimmers from around the state attend. Come Friday night, swim Saturday morning, and then enjoy all that Bentonville has to offer the rest of the weekend!

Register here, and watch our Facebook page for more details regarding swag and a social afterwards…

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