Freddie Snoxhill

Hometown and Current residence: 
I am from Rogers, but am now living in Gravette.

Family and Occupation:
I am married and have 7 children, and I work in the medical field.

Swimming background: 
I started swimming in March of 2021.

Favorite event/race: 
Trifest for MS.

Swimming/Triathlon hero: 
Lionel Sanders:  4 time Ironman Champion and 30 time Ironman 70.3 Champion.

Swimming goals: 
The Escape from Alcatraz Swim.

Advice to new masters swimmers: Swim every day, get a coach, and make friends with other swimmers.

Outdoor activities.

Favorite drills:
Hypoxic drills.

Do you participate in other sports? Biking and running.

Where do you currently swim? The Bentonville Community Center, and in Beaver Lake with Swim Oz’s open water swims.


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