Mavie Hogue

Hometown and Current residence: Fayetteville.

Family and Occupation: Owner, Strategic Nutrition & Fitness, LLC. Healthy lifestyle, nutrition and fitness coaching for the best you!

Swimming background: I have been swimming casually since I was a kid. I took up open water swimming to prepare for my first triathlon 24 years ago! I haven’t looked back since.

Favorite event/race: My favorite event has been the Swim around Fort Desoto in Florida. A challenging 10K++ ocean swim.

Swimming hero: My real heroes are the adults who are afraid of the water, but get in the pool, and learn to swim anyway. That takes real courage.

Swimming goals: I want to do the Big Swim in the Greek Islands. Multiple days of 3 to 7 mile swims in and around the beautiful islands. Hoping for Nov. 2019!!

Advice to new masters swimmers: Take it at your own pace, and be kind to yourself. Putting yourself in the water feels strange and scary at first, but with patience you can learn to swim, or improve your swimming by being in the company of other swimmers.

Hobbies:  I love trail running, cycling, and cooking flavorful, healthy meals!!

Favorite drill/workout:  Probably the workouts I love to hate, that make me feel accomplished when I complete them. Something like 3 x 800 freestyle at pace, pulling 6 flystrokes off of each turn, alternating with 6 strokes no breath off the other wall turn.

Do you participate in other sports? Triathlon, running, and cycling.   Yoga is a favorite of the last few years!

Where do you currently swim?  UA-Hper Pool, Beaver Lake, Jones Center, occasionally FAC for the coached workouts which are great!!


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