Lindsay Meadows

Hometown and Current residence: I grew up in Iowa and currently reside in Seneca, Mo.

Family and Occupation: I have been married for over 20 years to my amazing and supportive husband,  and I have 3 awesome kids (17, 15, 10).  I homeschool our kids as well as work part time at our business.

Swimming background: I was a competitive swimmer in high school 25 years ago, but haven’t been in the water since.  I met Coach (Megan Cameron) at the gym in April 2018 and she mentioned joining the Masters Swim Team, so I did!

Favorite event/race: In high school, I swam the 500yd, 400 IM and the breaststroke.  As an adult swimmer, I find I enjoy open water races and open water long distances best.  Last season, I raced a 1 mile and a 1.8 mile.  I aim to race a 3 mile this year..

Swimming hero:I have not kept up with the swimming world enough to have a swimming hero.  However, I enjoy watching the swimmers in the Olympics!

Swimming goals: I want to swim a 3 mile open water race, swim in more open water races to gain experience, learn how to ‘fuel’ in longer distance open water races, and continue to participate in any swim challenges that Coach finds.

Advice to new masters swimmers: Just get in the water!  And come to practice 🙂  Sometimes that’s the biggest hurdle!  Also, trust the Coach.  I know my coach will meet a swimmer where s/he is at.  Working out in a group, a coached group, is so rewarding!

Hobbies:  Most free time is spent with my family and we enjoy anything outdoors (hiking, kayaking, canoeing, exploring), traveling and reading.   Most recently, I have started to learn to run.

Favorite drill/workout:  When Coach does different workouts based on new team members or a holiday.  Those are unique and break up the typical workout.  For typical workouts, I enjoy speed work mixed in with distance work and the occasional IM drills.

Do you participate in other sports? I participated in one triathlon last season and plan to participate in more this year, therefore, I am learning to run and bike.

Where do you currently swim?   I currently swim at 5:30am on Tue/Thu mornings at MSSU (Missouri State Southern Univ.).  Occasionally, I will add in an extra swim practice on my own.


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