Jeff Box

Hometown and Current residence: Apple Valley, CA.  Searcy, AR

Occupation: retired, from high school teaching (health and personal fitness)

Swimming background: trained in Red Cross and worked as a lifeguard from 1966-1971. Competed in triathlons in the 1980’s and  finished third at national championship. 

Favorite event/race: still learning to be a competitive swimmer.  50 and 100 freestyle.

Swimming hero: anyone faster then myself, which is most everybody!

Swimming goals: continue to learn correct competitive strokes and to master the fly.

Advice to new masters swimmers: it takes more time and effort than you might have thought. Stay with it – it is worth it.

Hobbies:  grandkids, cycling – both road and mountain biking.

Favorite drill/workout: still learning – all drills and tough workouts.

Do you participate in other sports? completed multiple cycling events:  metric century, century, off road races

Where do you currently swim?  Searcy Swim Center


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