Kim Griffith

Hometown:  Jacksonville, FL

Current residence: Bentonville, AR

Family: I am married to Barry and have a daughter and son-in-law in Ft. Smith.  We just welcomed our first grandchild, Owen, in July!

Occupation: Vice President, Global Walmart for Campbell’s Meals and Beverages

Swimming background: I grew up swimming in the Atlantic Ocean and swimming pools. I started Club swimming at 8 years of age and continued through college at the University of Florida.  I’ve swam with Masters teams on and off over the last 25 years.

Favorite event/race: 200 Freestyle

Swimming heroes: Janet Evans and Rowdy Gaines

Swimming goals: I would like to stay age group competitive, and leverage it as a strength in triathlons.

Advice to new masters swimmers: Consistency is key.

Hobbies: Traveling and hanging with family and friends

Favorite drills:  Kicking and single arm swim

Do you participate in other sports? Triathlons

Where do you currently swim? Bentonville Community Center


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