Daryl Sroufe

Hometown and Current residence: I grew up in a small peach orchard town in Northern California and am now enjoying the natural beauty of Fairfield Bay.

Family and Occupation:  I am single and retired last year. I had worked in the radio broadcasting biz for 30 years but spent the last six on Maui driving for a limo service, where I met lots of celebs and other great folks.

Swimming background: There was no organized swimming where I grew up, but I was always a pretty good natural swimmer. I started swimming regularly in my mid 30s when I was finally in a place with a year-round pool. I joined masters, started coaching and am still too young to have burned out.

Favorite event/race: 1650 in the pool and 3-5K open water races.

Swimming hero:  I’ve always loved Matt Biondi’s story about swimming with and learning from dolphins.

Swimming goals: Hopefully set some new records after I turn 65 in a few weeks.

Advice to new masters swimmers: Focus on technique. The speed will come.

Hobbies:  I swim about two miles three days a week and ride my mountain bike for about 90 minutes three times a week. I used to do movie reviews on the radio and love my Netflix!

Favorite drill/workout:   Nothing better for getting a good “feel” than one-arm freestyle, both with the other arm extended and by the side.

Do you participate in other sports? I used to do triathlons but don’t run anymore. I’m tall and loved basketball as a kid. Although you can’t tell by looking at me, I enjoy lifting weights. 🙂

Where do you currently swim? The Hart Center in Fairfield Bay and Greers Ferry Lake.


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