Starr Campbell

Hometown and Current residence: Current home is El Dorado, AR.  Moved here in 2007 when we retired from California.

Family and Occupation:  Married 40 years to Bill Campbell.

Swimming background:   Started swimming as a toddler.  My mother would drop me at the community pool while she played golf.

Favorite event/race:   50 & 100 Freestyle and 50 & 100 Backstroke (get in – get out as fast as possible).

Swimming hero:   Donna De Varona.  I had her 1960 Olympics poster on my wall for quite a long time!

Swimming goals:  Maybe entering more Senior Olympic Events.

Advice to new masters swimmers:  Getting in the water is the hardest part…once you’re in, it’s a piece of cake!

Hobbies:  I volunteer for the Professional Golf Association (PGA) Tour and play recreational golf.

Favorite drills:  Anything with flippers.

Do you participate in other sports?  Golf & competitive 3-gun shooting.

Where do you currently swim?  HealthWorks Fitness Center in El Dorado.


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