Glenda and Don Chamberlain

Hometown and Current residence:  Don is from Jonesboro, AR and Glenda is from Kennett, Mo.  We currently live in Jonesboro.

Family and Occupation:  We have been married for 34 years. We have 2 sons that are University of Arkansas graduates and currently live in Fayetteville.  Don is an Electrical Contractor.  Glenda has a  BS Degree in Graphic Design and is currently the office manager for Highland Drive Baptist Church.

Swimming background:  Don swam for the Jonesboro Swim team in the 1970’s, and Glenda swam for Kennett Swim Team in 1970’s thru early 80’s.  Both of us didn’t start swimming again until about 10 years ago.

Favorite event/race: We both like to do open water swim races.

Swimming heroes: Katie Ledecky because of her distance swimming, and our local hero is Bella Cothren. Her swimming is just amazing –  plus she is just a wonderful person! We can’t wait to see her swim at the college level. 

Swimming goals:  To improve efficiency, keep up the exercise, and make all practices.

Advice to new masters swimmers: Just enjoy, and do it for the love and fun of swimming. 

Hobbies: Don: martial arts & exercising. Glenda: crocheting hats for Operation Christmas Child.

Favorite drills: Don: H2O, Glenda: Anything but H2O

Do you participate in other sports?  Don: Bicycling, paddle boarding, running.  Glenda: Bicycling, kayaking

Where do you currently swim? Dart Frogs, at the Jonesboro Trim Gym


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