Aras Karakivrak

Hometown and Current residence: Izmir/Turkey, I currently live in Hot Springs, AR

Family and Occupation: I live with my 6 years old daughter and I am a director at Hot Springs Health and Fitness Club.

Swimming background: Growing up I was passionate about soccer but at age of 12, I suffered with a rare syndrome with my knees that prevented me from doing all sports except swimming. I started competing at age 13 and won the Turkish Nationals in the 50 free that year. I swam with the Turkish National Team and broke a few National Records. I travelled  with the National team quite a bit until I finished high school, and then I recieved a scholarship from Henderson State University where I earned a few All-American awards. I quit 10 years after graduating until 2 years ago when I recently started competing with Masters.

Favorite event/race:  200 Freestyle

Swimming hero: Alexander Popov was my swimming hero. He was one of the best freestylers ever with flawless technique.

Swimming goals: At this point i like to stay fit and make it to World Masters 2022 in Japan.

Advice to new masters swimmers: Set yourself goals and take it day by day.

Hobbies:  Other than swimming, I like fishing and gardening.

Favorite Drills: Catch up with high elbows and work on distance per stroke.

Do you participate in other sports?   I like to play basketball when I can.

Where do you currently swim? Hot Springs YMCA


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