Ron Sparlin

Hometown and Current residence: I was born and raised in Joplin, Missouri and have lived here all my life other than my years in law school.

Family and Occupation: I am married to Bridget and we have two grown children and two grandchildren.  I am an attorney and have practiced law with the same firm for 33 years.

Swimming background:  I knew enough as a kid to keep from drowning, but first started learning to truly swim, learning freestyle, when I was 53. Running was causing some problems from the impact, so I wanted to find different cardio (without impact) that I could keep up for the years to come.  I am still pretty slow and my mechanics are a work in progress, but I try to get in the pool three times a week if possible.

Favorite event/race: Summer Roundup Triathlon

Swimming hero:  I think I would point to the people who have been the most instrumental in helping me learn to swim and encouraging me to keep at it:  Ruth Sawkins of Rufus Racing, Shawn Klosterman of Berkerker Swimming and Coach Megan Cameron.

Swimming goals: Learning to swim and trying to improve has been a long and tough journey, but also very rewarding.  I hope to keep improving my technique and improving for purposes of the swim leg of triathlon as well as for just staying fit.  I’d like to keep swimming as long as I’m still able to move and put on my jammers.

Advice to new masters swimmers: Just keep showing up to the pool.  If you are just learning to swim as an adult it can be very challenging since it is such a technical sport.  But we all can improve by putting in the work in the water.  And as a bonus you will meet some good people and make some new friends.

Hobbies: triathlon, guitar and reading.

Favorite drill/workout: Pulling—the pull buoy is my friend.)

Where do you currently swim? I swim with MC Masters at the MSSU pool in Joplin.


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