Boo Jennings

Hometown and Current residence: Little Rock. AR

Family and Occupation: Wife, Nancy.  Sons:  Clark (40) and Will (35)  I retired April 12th from Simmons Bank after 43 years in banking/financial services.

Swimming background: I started swimming competitively at age 14 at the Downtown Little Rock YMCA under coach John Hays.  I  swam on the Freshman team at Columbia University, then transferred to SMU, where my times weren’t fast enough to make the team.  I got serious about Masters swimming last April at the Hall of Fame Meet, which was my first competition in 50 years

Favorite event/race: I won the State 200 Yard Breaststroke title in 1967, but I’m currently focusing on the 50-yard Breaststroke.  Father time is relentless, so USRPT is right up my alley.

Swimming heroes:  Pat Miles, Mike Burton 

Swimming goals: For now,  to go under 40:00 in 50 Breaststroke

Advice to new masters swimmers: Set a goal

Hobbies:  Other than swim every day, my “hobbies” in retirement are TBD.

Favorite drills:  Do you have to do drills after 70?  

Where do you currently swim?  Jim Dailey Fitness Center


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