Noel Strauss

Hometown and Current residence:  Little Rock

Family and Occupation: I’ve worked at Stephens for 26 years.  Married to Joan, with two children, Ethan (18) and Alexa (16).

Swimming background: I grew up swimming at the Little Rock Racquet Club for Paul Blair.  I began competing in 1978.

Favorite event/race:  100 meter Freestyle

Swimming hero: Matt Biondi – he was the dominant freestyler when I was in high school.  I had the opportunity to race in the lane next to him twice (I wasn’t able to keep up.)

Swimming goals:At this point mainly fitness.  I’ve occasionally competed at USMS Nationals, but I enjoy the training more than the competing.

Advice to new masters swimmers: You are lucky in that you have the opportunity to improve every day.  All of us old collegiate swimmers are just trying to flatten the decline.

Hobbies:  Other than swimming?  I like to travel internationally with my family.

Favorite Drills:I focus on the length of stroke, in particular where my hands exit the water – hopefully past my hip.  Also, I try to have my feet go past the flags off each wall before surfacing.

Do you participate in other sports?   Only occasionally

Where do you currently swim? Little Rock Racquet Club


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