Anne Stevens

Hometown and Current residence:  I currently live in Fayetteville, but I grew up in Columbia, Mo.

Family and Occupation: I live with my husband, and our 4 children are now in college. He and I are neuropsychologists and health coaches, and we have a private practice in Fayetteville.

Swimming background: I started swimming in my youth, but competitively in high school. I fell in love with the sport, so carried my enthusiasm into college and swam for the University of Missouri.  Since then, I have swam with my people at FAC in Fayetteville off and on, but I am excited to be more consistent now that we are empty-nesters!

Favorite event/race:  My favorite event has always been the 50 Free.

Swimming hero: So many names could be added here.  But when I saw female swimmers, like Dara Torres, who were closer in age to me, had children, and were competing in the Olympic Trials, I was amazed and inspired.

Swimming goals: I would like to compete at nationals and other regional meets to stay focused with my training and to meet other swimmers.

Advice to new masters swimmers:  Find your work-out tribe and know the importance of nutrition in your performance and recovery.

Hobbies:   golf, anything in or on the water, cooking, and keeping up with my kids!

Favorite Drills: hmmm… best one for my swimming is a combo catch-up/high elbow…but for anyone that might be reading this who has known me a long time, I would have to say “floaters!” Haha.

Do you participate in other sports?   Yes – golf.

Where do you currently swim? Fayetteville Athletic Club


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