Karyn Walker

Hometown and Current residence: I grew up in Fayetteville until I was in junior high, then moved to and graduated from Rogers.  I currently live in Pea Ridge.

Family and Occupation: I have three kids, Brooklynn-20, Aidan-16, and Evie-7.  I manage the children’s services program at the Sunshine School & Development Center in Rogers.

Swimming background: I started on the swim team at 11 in Fayetteville. At that time they had the youth center pool and the small swim club, FYC Flipturns. When we moved I continued to swim for Fayetteville and the Rogers High School until I was a Senior, then became quite burnt out.  I didn’t return to swimming until I started being more interested in triathlons about 5 years ago.  I joined the masters program and realized my love for the sport again.

Favorite event/race: I was always a sprinter so 50’s and 100’s were my favorite as a kid.  They didn’t have it as an event often, but 50 fly was my favorite.  Now I enjoy longer distances like open water swims and triathlons.  I really love them all.

Swimming hero:  Summer Sanders and Janet Evans.

Swimming goals: I just want to maintain fitness at this time.  I would love to do some more swim meets to mix it up.

Advice to new masters swimmers: Keep on showing up, it gets easier and is such great exercise that can be continued for the lifetime.

Hobbies: Triathlon, and anything outdoors.  Lifting and strength training as well, a very important compliment to any sport.

Favorite drills:  My absolute favorite is the finger flick drill.  Also, using paddles is a ton of fun.

Do you participate in other sports?  Oops, see hobbies.

Where do you currently swim?  Walton Life Fitness Center


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