Lynn Palmer

Current residence: Eureka Springs

Family and Occupation: Retired, 21 years!

Swimming background: Moved to Northwest Arkansas in 2001 and met Carolyn Haefner at the Bentonville pool.

Favorite event/race: I have not competed in 2 years. I swam 50s and 100s – enjoyed backstroke and freestyle mostly.

Swimming hero: Carolyn Haefner, she and I swim together twice a week.

Swimming goals: My goal is to continue swimming as long as possible and to remain in the best shape that I can at my age.

Advice to new masters swimmers: Do it. Swimming is a solitary sport or team sport. I can suit anyone’s life style, day or night all year long.

Hobbies: Gardening, EMT volunteer in Eureka Springs, member of Search and Rescue for Carroll County.

Favorite drill/workout: 200s of all but butterfly (1200 yds x 3 per week). Annual goal is 200 miles. Get close but not always accomplished.

Do you participate in other sports? Pickleball, a little golf, badminton

Where do you currently swim? Walton Life Fitness Center and Beaver Lake during the summer. I plan to swim at the Wellness Center in Rogers sometime in the near future.


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