Kathy Adams

Hometown and Current residence:  I moved around a lot as a kid.  Germany, Texas, Chicago area and suburbs.  I was in DeKalb, IL for HS. We moved to AR in 2005, and I’m currently in Springdale.

Family:  I have 4 children, 3 grandkids, 1 dog and 1 husband.  We’ve been married for 39 years 🙂

Occupation:  I have been described as a “Jill of all trades and a master of none.”

Swimming background:  I’ve always loved to ‘swim’, though wasn’t afforded the opportunity to join a team until the summer I was 13.  I swam in HS, mostly the 100 Free, 200 Free and 4×100 Fr Relay. I’ve been a member of USMS as time and children have allowed, in Michigan, in Iowa (where for Y2K New Years Eve we swam 100 x 100s on the 100 so that our last 100 was at midnight! ) and now Arkansas.

Favorite event/race: I enjoy the challenge of the I.M event.  My favorite right now is the 100IM.  But of course, any time I get to race is a ‘favorite.’  My favorite swim was in Kona, Hi.  While Chris paddled on a board, I swam the open water portion of the Ironman course – it was thrilling, spectacular ( and you kind of have to get out of your head in such a wide open setting!)

Swimming hero: Personally, a high school swim buddy MB McGinnis.  Nationally: Janet Evans. Locally:  Dotty Burke and Linda Bland both inspire and motivate me.

Swimming goals:  I am trying to get stronger and work my way up from 100 to 200 IM.

Advice to new masters swimmers: Stick with it.  Seasons of life come and go – can take you away. Find your way back to the pool.  Enjoy, smile, laugh – give yourself grace to progress at your own pace… and don’t forget to try something new along the way.

Hobbies: Sketching, quilting, golf.

Favorite drills:  I do love to scull !

Do you participate in other sports?  Yes I have over the years.  Ladies golf league,  Running half marathons. Here in Ar. I started participating in triathlon in order to help a friend feel more safe and comfortable with the open water portion. 

Where do you currently swim?  I swim with the AquaHawg master program at the Jones Center.


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