Shawn Klosterman

Current residence: Joplin, Mo.

Family and Occupation: I am Aquatics Director for the Webb City R7 School District, meaning I teach K-12 swim classes and coach varsity & club swimming all day and night. My wife Meghan was a swimmer as well, and is currently a School Psychologist for the same district. My daughters, Camryn and Norah, also swim for Berzerker Swimming, the USA Swimming Club I started in 2000. Outside of swimming they are avid readers and are taking lessons to play the violin.

Swimming background: I grew up in Petersburg, Alaska. Our small fishing village was on an island of only 3000 but had a swim club with over 100 kids. I eventually earned a scholarship to swim at Missouri State University (1992-96) and upon graduating I immediately started coaching. Then, after 18 years of virtually no exercise at all, I got back into racing as an adult and loved it more than ever.

Favorite event/race: Breaststroke was my worst stroke until age 17. Then it somehow magically became my best.

Swimming hero: Anthony Ervin. That dude is the most slippery person I have ever seen.

Swimming goals: To find time to work out more. Mostly for general health because I feel so much better when I swim often. If I can carve out enough time to really train hard, I am hoping to give it another run at fast racing before I age up.

Advice to new masters swimmers: Go for it! Swimming is so much harder on your own. Having a group of friends to work out with makes the workload seem easy! Hard work and fun are supposed to go together.

Hobbies: I recently sold a gigantic comic book collection. Marvel fan for life.

Favorite drill/workout: I do USRPT. After experimenting with Race Pace Training, along with a super low-carb diet on my comeback from age 39-41, I am a true believer.

Do you participate in other sports? I played T-ball until I was 8. (Best pitcher in the league.) Then I discovered swimming and never looked back.

Where do you currently swim? Berzerker Masters.


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