Megan Cameron

Hometown: Montville, NJ

Current residence: Webb City, MO

Family and occupation: My husband Mark, 10 year old daughter Mae and 8 year old daughter Molly. I am the coach for our COMP group, the head coach of our Tri-State summer league team, and also our adult Masters coach.

Swimming background?: I started swimming at 4 and my first race was right before I turned 5. I swam summers on a lake team and year round at the YMCA team until we moved to Barrington, IL before HS. Then I swam in HS, year round USA club, and played on the water polo team.

Favorite event/race: 50 free and backstroke

Swimming hero: Haven Shepherd, who I swim with sometimes. She is a high schooler who had her legs amputated below her knees but is a fantastic swimmer with an amazing attitude and hilarious personality.

Swimming goals: To do a 70.3 Triathlon, and to get a best time in either 50 free or 100 free.

Advice to new masters swimmers: You’ll be able to push yourself so much more when you’re with a group and a coach!! Ask questions and keep learning!

Hobbies: Cycling, Running

Favorite drill or workout: Kicking with a board

Do you participate in other sports? I played soccer and water polo. Currently I run, bike, and compete in triathlons.

Where do you currently swim? Webb City


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