Nov./Dec. 2018 Newsletter

Upcoming Events

I haven’t found any upcoming meets in our area, but the USMS Calendar of Events lists a variety of upcoming postal and virtual swims.

As a year-end reminder, don’t forget to log your miles with Go The Distance

Meet your fellow swimmers

We hope you are enjoying our “Swimming Biographies” page on the Arkansas Masters website.  Each month you can read about two new swimmers.  If you haven’t participated yet, please complete this Google Form  and let us know a bit about you. Highlighted this month are  two swimmers from Fayetteville:  Anita Parisi and Mavie Hogue.  Both of these ladies are working hard in the swimming community.

Register for 2019!

The time is here to renew your USMS membership.  This year there are 5 clubs and 2 workout group that fall under the umbrella of the Arkansas Masters LMSC.

The 5 clubs are:  Arkansas Masters (a regional club for the state), Little Rock Masters, Northwest Arkansas Masters, Dart Frog Aquatics (Jonesboro), and The Joys of Swimming (Bentonville).  If you don’t wish to affiliate with any of these clubs, you can always register as unattached.  There are also 2 Workout Groups under the Arkansas Masters Club:  Bezerker Masters, and MC Masters (both in the Joplin area).

For many years, we operated under just one club (Arkansas Masters), but USMS is encouraging us to establish more local groups.  The whole model of LMSC-CLub-Workout Group is a bit confusing, but I wanted to let everyone be aware of the options available to us at the moment.  Other clubs and workouts groups can be added at any time.  You also can switch clubs at any time throughout the year if needed (you will be required to pay a fee if the new club has a different rate than the old one).

Arkansas Top Ten, Long Course

We had 31 Top Ten times this year for Long Course Meters.  That’s more than any year since 2001, and largely because of our male swimmers.  Ladies, we need to step up our game!  Congrats to all, and keep chasing those times.

Top ten

Newsletter contributions

If you have ideas, photos, or swimming information to share with our members, please pass them along to

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