April 2022 Newsletter

Upcoming Events – Lots of Swimming Opportunities Happening This Summer!

Apr. 28-May 1, 2022, Spring Nationals – SCY, San Antonio, TX

May 7, 2022. 16th Annual Hall of Fame Meet – SCY, Little Rock, AR

June 10-12, 2022, Dual Sanctioned Long Course Meters meet in Bentonville (registration not open yet)

July 15-17, 2022, Dual Sanctioned Long Course Meters meet in Bentonville (registration not open yet)

July 30, 2022, Trifest for MS Open Water Swim Challenge, Beaver Lake – Rogers, AR. (Registration is not open yet, but there will be a discount for all ARKM registered swimmers, so stay tuned!)

Aug. 3-7, 2022, Summer Nationals – LCM, Richmond, VA

Sept. 25, 2022, Walmart Oz Mile, Beaver Lake Dam Site, Eureka Springs, AR. (Any active Ark Masters member can this code for a $10 discount on registration: ARKMUSMS)

To view events across the country, visit this page on the USMS website.

To view events within our Zone, visit this page.

Hall of Fame Meet in Little Rock: Sat., May 7th

The Little Rock folks will be hosting the 16th annual Hall of Fame meet this year on Saturday, May 7th. Following the meet there will be a social at Hill Station. You can find all of the details here!

Swimmer Spotlight – Karyn Walker

A new swimmer spotlight! Karyn Walker just recently joined the board of the Arkansas Masters LMSC as the Fitness Chair. Read all about Karyn here

Good luck to swimmers headed to San Antonio!

Wish these folks good luck as they compete at the Short Course USMS National Championship in San Antonio next weekend: Michael Walkine, Bonnie Adams, Mark Jechura, Linda Bland, Ross Karakivrak, Srdan Markovic, and Doug Martin. I do believe that Michael, Bonnie, Mark and Linda will be competing in their very first national championship. Go get em!

Exercises to Improve Strength for Swimming

These sets of excersises can be completed between swim sets. 10-15 reps per exercise.

Move through all excersises for 1 set or do this 3 times for a full body workout. 


Lie face down on a pad in a superman position with arms in front of you and your toes pointed. Tighten your back and lift your shoulders/arms and feet 2-6 inches off the ground. Hold for 5 seconds then slowly lower yourself back to the starting position. 

Forearm Planks

Forearm planks to improve overall core stability.  Begin in a kneeling position. Bend your elbows to 90 degrees and pitch forward to place your hands and forearms on the floor. Extend your legs behind you with toes tucked under to press into the plank. Distribute weight in your hands evenly by spreading your fingers apart, creating a stable base. Make sure to keep your body in a straight line, keeping your abdominal muscles tight. Perform for 30 seconds. 


Perform Push-ups to strengthen your lats and pecs, muscles which help propel you forward with strokes. Focus on good form with these – draw your shoulders down and back to feel the lats engage. Avoid rounding your shoulders. And your elbows should be about 30-45 degrees away from your body. You can also modify by doing knee push ups or walk push ups. 

Underwater squat jumps 

These up the intensity, taxing your glutes, quads, hamstrings and calves.

Begin in waist-deep water and submerge yourself fully in a squat position.

With all of your power, jump up and try to propel yourself as high as possible out of the water.

Catch your breath as you jump out of the water.

Hip Raise

Develop strength in your hip flexors, hamstrings, as well as your lower abdominals.  Get on your back, lay your arms down at your side.

Keep your feet flat on the floor and raise your trunk towards the sky.

Stop when you have achieved a straight spine-line. Don’t over-extend.

Hold for a three-count, and slowly descend.

New State/Citizen Records!

Check out these new records set recently. If you are interested in the Arkansas Masters state or citizen records, take a look here.

200 Fly, Calvin Schildknecht, 2:01.14 SCY Citizen record

100 Back, Byron Shefchik, 58.10, SCY State and Citizen record

200 Breast, Byron Shefchik, State, 2:09.03 SCY State record

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