April 2018 Newsletter

14th Annual Hall of Fame Meet

This annual meet was once again a fun time, with some fast swims, and some new faces. If you haven’t competed in awhile, consider taking the plunge. Yes, it can be scary, but it’s a great sense of accomplishment also. And ladies, we are super under-represented! Let’s work on that next year!

The following swimmers set a state and/or citizen record at the meet: Tyler Baber, Dan Lacina, Marvin Schwartz, Daryl Sroufe, Wesley Clark, Rick Gerhardt, David Gillanders, Dotty Burke, and Carie Phillips O’Banion. Results from the meet are on our website.

Thank you to Evan Johnston and Joe and Mavis Lansden for making the meet happen – and for new t-shirts!

Arkansas Masters Swimmer of the Year

Congratulations to Trip Strauss who was recognized as our swimmer of the year at the annual Hall of Fame Banquet in Little Rock on Sat. April 28th. Marvin Schwartz’ speech from that evening says it all!:

“It’s my pleasure to identify Trip Strauss as the 2017 Masters Swimmer of the year. Unfortunately Trip has a medical issue and can’t be with us tonight. But since he’s not here, I can say what I like about him and he won’t have any response. That’s unusual for Trip because, if you know him, you know he almost always has something to say, something about swimming, something about your swimming, how you can make it better, how you can improve, how you can try this or that technique or workout set to get better results.

Because for Trip, it’s always about helping other people do better. When Trip is on the deck or in the water, he’s always got a good word to share with masters swimmers or age group swimmers. He is one of those people whose enthusiasm and energy is infectious. He makes things better for everyone. Here’s an example: At his birthday swim when he turned 60 this year, Trip announced he would do a set of 60 X 50 yards on a 50 second send off. That’s a 3,000 yard set. Not only did he do the set in style, but he had a dozen of us in the pool with him that morning. And following his lead, we then went down to the brutally cold long course pool and did a 400 meter “warm down” in 63 degree water. That’s leadership.

Trip’s parents were some of the founding members of the LRRC. And since Trip has been on the Dolphin team most of his life, you might say he grew up at the club. But Trip has never really grown up. He’s the Peter Pan of Arkansas swimming. He’s the guy whose license plate reads “400 meters.” He’s still a kid at heart. Still believes in the impossible.

But what’s real about Trip is his generosity, his passion, and his support of others. And by the way, last summer , he won the 400 and 800 meter free at the US masters national long course championships. And he was 2nd in the 200 free. He won these events as a 59 year-old, at the top of his age group, racing against the young guys.

That’s Trip Strauss, my good friend, and your Arkansas Master Swimmer of the Year!”

Meet your fellow swimmers

It’s fun to put faces with names, so meet two more Arkansas masters swimmers Megan Cameron and David DeGeus. Megan and David both keep busy swimming, coaching, and raising their young families. And remember, if you haven’t completed your swimming bio info for us, please go here to fill out the Google Form.

Updated Arkansas Masters Webpage

Thanks to Carolyn Hyink, for continuing to archive photos and newspaper articles about Arkansas Masters swimmers. Under the “Photos and Articles” tab, you will find historical photos and old newspaper articles from our club dating back to the 1980’s. We would love for you to share this site with anyone who could help us to identify names and places. Feel free to leave comments on any of the photos and articles if you can add identifying information.

Updated USMS Webpage

By now you have probably noticed that the USMS website has undergone major changes. If you haven’t done so already, you will need to create a new login for yourself in order to access “behind the scenes” features that are only available to USMS registered members. The ““Club Finder” feature is new. If your swim group/pool would like to be highlighted under “Club Finder,” then a representative from your group needs to register it as an official USMS workout group, under the Arkansas Masters Club. Please let me know if you have any questions about this new feature, as it is a bit confusing!


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