Nichole Holze

Hometown:  Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Current living in Texarkana, AR

Nichole has been married for 10 years and has two children, a boy, 7, and a girl, 4. She currently homeschools her children, and previously worked as a health coach and personal trainer.

Nichole started swimming when she was 3 years old, then year round when she was 5. She swam in high school, and for then for College of Charleston, in South Carolina.

Favorite event: Was and still is the 400 IM. However, I tend to gravitate more toward 5K plus open water distances now.

Swim hero:  Lynne Cox , for her strength and adventurous spirit.

Future goals:  To complete the “Swim the Suck” I have signed up for this year; a 10 mile river race in Tennessee. My main goals are to keep training; which is a steep order as a homeschooling Mom of two younger children. We have no Masters team in Texarkana, so I am on my own. For now; I swim a few lanes down while my kids have back to back swim lessons.

Advice for newcomers to Masters swimming:  Just do it! The camaraderie is worth it. You will surprise yourself at what you are capable of.

Favorite drill:  The longer the better. I really love long distance practices. Here’s one I’m working toward: 10×500’s on a 1:30 base pace, broken up by 100’s or 250’s as needed.

Where do you currently train?: At the local community college, while my kids have back to back swim lessons (they are in different levels). The club coach was kind enough to give me a lane to swim at.

Hobbies besides swimming:  Homeschooling? Hah!  Does that count? I am a self taught seamstress and often sew clothes for my kids. I also love traveling and road trips. I’ve been known to take off for weeks at a time to adventure with my kids. I also love all things coffee related, and books.

Any other sports for you?:   I still do both road and trail running, yoga, and occasionally, Cross fit.


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