Go the Distance Results for 2017

Below are the results for Go the Distance, 2017 for Arkansas Masters swimmers.  Congrats to the men especially for putting LOTS of time in the pool!

Set your goal for 2018 here:  Go the Distance

South Central Zone (293 Swimmers, 52,726.39 Total Miles, 179.95 Average Miles/Swimmer)

Arkansas LMSC (17 Swimmers, 3,824.19 Total Miles, 224.95 Average Miles/Swimmer)

Club ARKM (Arkansas Masters) (16 Swimmers, 3,616.91 Total Miles, 226.06 Average Miles/Swimmer)
Name                             Age     Miles
Jacob Barnes                     M36    139.38
Glenda Chamberlain               F52    120.62
Alan Diamond                     M44    512.84
Linda B Green                    F43      3.88
Scott P Halliburton              M55    587.85
Steve Lisle                      M51    248.15
Colin McLain                     M49      4.66
Tina L Nuckles                   F52    269.07
Carie O'Banion                   F58    181.39
Terri G Prusator                 F60      2.69
Trista N Roberts                 F38      1.59
Steffan B Sarkin                 M57    985.31
Paul Shepard                     M67    310.03
Brent M Tininenko                M56    198.00
Brook A Triplett                 F32     49.35
Tonya Vandermey                  F39      2.10

Club UC23 () (1 Swimmers, 207.27 Total Miles, 207.27 Average Miles/Swimmer)
Name                             Age     Miles
Thomas J Callan                  M64    207.27

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