October 2020 Newsletter

Swimming During a Pandemic

  We have been slowly learning how to live with this virus as it doesn’t appear to be leaving us any time soon.  For most of us, swimming is an integral part of our lives, and the majority of Arkansas masters swimmers have been able to get back in the water and resume workouts in some form.  In Northwest Arkansas, we are fortunate to have Beaver Lake nearby.  Bonnie Adams, owner of The Joys of Swimming, hosted a free open water swim, with support, every Wednesday night.  Kudos to Bonnie (and Rick Gerhardt AKA Capt. Rick) for volunteering countless hours to provide a social distance swim option. 

Joys of Swimming – Wed Night Open Water Swim

USMS has been hard at work providing resources for us to access during Covid.  Check out some great articles and workout options pertinent to these times.

Trifest for MS Open Water Challenge

Although it wasn’t a sanctioned event, many swimmers were itching to compete, and the Trifest for MS Open Water Challenge provided an opportunity in July.  Over 100 swimmers from age 11-66 swam on July 25th.  The race options included a 1k, 3k, or 5K swim.  Another option this year included the Ironman Challenge, consisting of a 3K swim on Sat., and then a bike/run on Sunday.  Results can be found here.

Wearing our masks pre-swim. Lindsay Meadows, Bonnie Adams, Carrie Glenn, Karyn Walker, Anthony Gallo
Pre swim: Kristen Caldwell, Scott Halliburton, Byron Shefchik, Carie O’Banion, Veronica Dockery
Francisco Mata, Don and Glenda Chamberlain, Daryl Sroufe, Carie O’Banion

2020 Short Course Yards Top Ten 

The Top Ten Short Course times were fewer this year because of the pandemic.  If you happened to swim in a SCY meet prior to March, your chances of getting a Top Ten time were increased.  Congratulations to the following Arkansas Masters swimmers for their Top Ten records during this crazy season:

Deanna Marks (50 Free, 100 Free, 200 Free, 100 Back, 100 Breast, 200 IM)
Veronica Dockery (200 Fly)
Linda Bland (500 Free)
Carie O’Banion (100 Fly)
Ross Karakivrak (200 Free, 500 Free)
Srdan Markovic (50 Free, 100 Free, 200 Free)
Byron Shefchik (100 Free, 200 Free,  100 Fly, 200 Fly, 100 Breast, 200 Breast, 200 IM, 400 IM)
Trip Strauss (200 Free)
Doug Martin (50 Free, 50 Fly)
Marvin Schwartz (500 Free)

For a full listing of all ARKM Top 10 records, click here

Annual Meeting Update from our Chair, Byron Shefchik

The 2020 USMS annual meeting was virtual this year, which allowed several of us to use Zoom to participate. It was my first meeting and I came away in awe of all the hardworking volunteers that it takes to make such an organization run. Long discussions were held regarding seemingly minor rule changes, but because we are member-led, it’s important that all perspectives are heard.

One change in particular was voted down twice in years past, but this time was successful despite some passionate pleas not to change what had been set up for many years. It goes to show you that we are slow to make changes but gradually getting better and better as an organization.

I’m glad to be part of an organization such as this; at 50 years old, USMS is still growing in terms of how it is organized and managed. Volunteers make it all happen so if you find yourself with a little spare time and energy, please ask one of the Arkansas Masters board members or your coach how you can help USMS accomplish our mission of encouraging adults to swim. For some inspiration, please read about this year’s award recipients here:

USMS Elects At-Large Directors and Honors Members at 2020 Annual Meeting

Boundary Changes to Arkansas Masters LMSC

The LMSC board proposed to USMS that the Joplin area be moved into our LMSC.  Two Joplin clubs, MC Soakers and Bezerker Masters, have been registering with ARKM for several years now.  It just made sense to officially pull them into our LMSC.  So even though it doesn’t feel different, welcome to both of these masters clubs!

Upcoming Events

USMS is not sanctioning meets at this time, but check out the USMS Fitness Events.


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