May 2020 Newsletter

Upcoming Events

Many meets are being cancelled or postponed, so my advice is to contact the meet director before registering for any event.  I would like to highlight the Trifest Open Water Swim Challenge that is listed below.  It is not a sanctioned event, but one of the few open water events currently offered in the state.  As a bonus for you all….Any USMS swimmer who is currently registered within the Arkansas Masters LMSC can save $10 off the fee for this event by using the code USMSMEMBER when registering.

July 25, 2020,  Oklahoma Memorial Meet, Jenks, OK, LCM
July 25, 2020, Trifest Open Water Swim Challenge, Rogers, AR
July 31-Aug.2, 2020, South Central Zones Championship (Long Course), San Antonio, TX
Aug. 12, 2020, USMS Summer Nationals (Long Course), Richmond, VA

Click here for a full listing of events around the country.

Swimmer Spotlight

This month we are pleased to highlight Noel Strauss, a swimmer from Little Rock (and ironically, no relation to Trip Strauss).  Read all about Noel here!

Noel Strauss Photo

Keeping busy during the season of Covid-19

Well, hasn’t this been an interesting spring for everyone?  As of today, I think some of us are back in the pool (or will be shortly), so things are looking up!  But I thought it would be fun to show you what your board members have been up to the past 8 weeks or so:

Byron:  “In addition to swimming with my big blue bouncy ball in Beaver Lake, I’ve been taking a lot of bike rides and hikes on the plentiful trails here in Northwest Arkansas. I’ve been working from home for many weeks, which I love, mostly because I have my own home office whereas at work, I’m in a cubicle with over 100 other people and their noisy conversations. So I’m not eager for that aspect to end, but I do look forward to seeing my Masters Swimming friends again soon!”

Scott:  “I’ve swam only a few times at Carie’s house on a tether in place, at the Joys of Swimming, at Beaver Lake and at my neighbor’s pool (pictured below).  I’ve cycled over 500 miles in April and May, including 80 last Saturday.  I’ve been on a diet and lost weight.  I’m looking forward to seeing and swimming with my masters swimming friends soon.”

scott's pool


Bonnie:  “We started doing “Wetsuit Wednesdays” out at Beaver Lake in April. I have been kayaking and leading an ever growing group of swimmers. With the closures of the pools, I would have never thought that The Joys Of Swimming Masters team would grow in numbers very much as these swims are free, and I really just wanted to reach out to the community. The really exciting part for me has been seeing that we have added 6 new masters swimmers the last 2 weeks. Looking forward to more fun swimming! Plus, Byron’s “big blue bouncy ball” makes me giggle every time!”


Carie:  “At first I ordered some exercise equipment online, and completed dry-land workout videos at home.  In early April we decided to open our home pool and I’ve been swimming about 2000 yards or so at a time on a home-made tether.  I find it rather boring, but it’s something at least.  When Beaver Lake gets a tad bit warmer, I’ll join Bonnie’s group (I don’t own a wetsuit at the present).  Our two dogs have gotten a lot more ‘destination walks’ during the virus season, so they are the winners in my house!”

Carie's pool

Doug:  “I personally have done what I usually do in the off season, which is hit the weights and the track.   I also have a pool in the backyard where I have swum short laps and also used stretch cords. We were thrilled last week when the governor allowed lap swimming, and we are back in the water at the Racquet Club, one person per lane in this glorious weather.”

Anita:  “I have used the time to work on projects that I never seem to get done due to all of my swimming commitments!  I have also enjoyed one of my college sons coming home (he maybe doesn’t agree!)  On the swimming side of things, I have been training in a friend’s one-lane 25 yard pool.  Luckily, it is heated, but it is still cool at my 8:30 am time slot.  I take it happily, though!!  I also never thought my home pool would be a “training” pool, but I have been working with some swim athletes and doing some group practices.  It has been wonderful and added normalcy and smiles back to my life.”

Anita's pool


Kristen: “Prior to March 14th I was on track to achieving my goal of swimming 220 miles in 2020.  Well, swimming came to a screeching halt, so I have had fun challenging myself especially when it comes to cycling.  I have done a few virtual run/bike challenges with my daughter in April and May. I have purchased wet suits for us both, and we are looking forward to starting open water swim practice in May. My job as a lifeguard and swim instructor at the Walton Life Fitness Center makes staying active easy;  however I have transitioned these last 3 months to a Walmart Customer Service desk job.  I am enjoying the change of pace and type of work, but really miss getting up and being around active people. Swimmers are the BEST!  Luckily, I have had the opportunity to return to swimming at the WLFC  to prepare for opening to members at some point in June.  It is humbling to see the drop in my swimming endurance, but it feels amazing to be back in the water.  I have also kept busy this spring with getting a garden ready and doing some home maintenance items.  Oh, and lots of cooking!”

Kristen C





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