Carolyn Hyink

Hometown:  Carolyn’s path has been: Oregon => Washington (state) => Texas => Centerton, Arkansas but would consider her hometown to be Lake Oswego, Oregon.

Carolyn is a widow that recently moved to the Centerton area to start the next chapter of her life. She started competitively swimming when she was 12 and swam through high school and college (while also playing volleyball). She’s been swimming masters since she was 22 and recently discovered she had a Top 5 time in 1987!

Favorite event: 100 Back, but hope to get back into good enough shape to take on the 400 IM.

Swim hero:  Don Schollander, as he was an Olympic swimmer from my high school and his accomplishments where inspiring.

Future goals:  To set as many Arkansas Masters Citizen Records as I can for my age group.

Advice for newcomers to Masters swimming: Enjoy the sense of accomplishment that comes from doing whatever you can in the water. Just showing up is something to be proud of.

Favorite drill:  I have to admit to not being a fan of drills – prefer to just do the hard main sets 🙂

Where do you currently train?: At the Bentonville Community Center with a great group of people 🙂

Hobbies besides swimming:  Therapy dog team, genealogy, birding, and outdoor adventures.

Any other sports for you?:   Not anymore – knees can’t take volleyball even on a sand court, so swimming is it for me, and was a huge part of recovering from the grief of losing my spouse.


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